Easy Rider is back in Cannes


It might be raining on the Cannes parade, and security out of hand, some of the films, well…


…but there’s still one bright note on a gray, spitting Riviera first festival friday. The bike of the film, Easy Rider, forty one years old this week, is back inside Vogue territory once more, back at the festival where the film and cast – Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson and Karen Black – won a vital reprieve from festival goers and organisers.



The master builder of the easy rider Captain America replica….Jack Lepler, is here too.


The prequel, Easy Rider II, is back. The secrets behind the film, the legend behind the story (what Jack doesn’t know he isn’t telling, not about the bike nor the original film no how, it aint worth saying or knowing). Cannes played more than a bit part in the history of the original. If it weren’t for the 22nd festival in 1969, the year after the student held-up Cannes, the original Easy Rider might not have seen the light of day. American distributors wouldn’t touch the film, were embarrassed by it.

Easy Rider was a big part of the independent cinema rebirthing of Hollywood, after years of studio failures and excesses. And it was Cannes that gave the story behind the bike its traction, gave the new, influential, film its market tread. Easy Rider was a key independent American sixties production, one of several that created a trend that in effect saved Hollywood from a crippling decline.



3 responses to “Easy Rider is back in Cannes

  1. I’m proud of the long comittment Jack Lepler has given to this film, and to the highest level of bike building he could provide. I’ve talked to him over the years he’s been part of the making of the film, “The Scarlet Cross”, and it’s been a vicarious thrill to hear of the process as it’s gone on. Good luck on the success of the movie and everything in your life. Love, your sis, Sherry

  2. Hi Jack !!!

    I met you at Deadwood waiting for Steven Tyler to show up for the Legends Ride. You took me and my BF’s pic on your bike remember ?

    You were so nice and I wanted to write and ask when you are going to come to Dallas for the Premier of The Ride Back.

    I remember you said October but I forgot to ask what day !! LOL 🙂

    We also need to find out how to get tickets to the premier.

    We had so much fun meeting you and all the cast of The Ride Back. EVERYONE was so awesome and we can’t wait to see you all again.

    Have a very nice day Jack,

  3. Hi Laura I going to give this mesage to Jack

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